Story of My First Tattoo

Today, I am sharing with you the story of My First Tattoo. It might not be that perfectly scripted tale for you because I wanted to keep it as it is, without adding any additional unnecessary information.

I got this tattoo on January 03, 2022. I am attaching the image if you are curious to know how it looks, check it out.

The First – Semicolon and Arrow Tattoo

A tattoo has been on my wish list for a long time. Meaningful Tattoos. I was always in awe of how beautifully one can express own feelings or beliefs through tattoos. Of course, the idea of a needle injecting in my body to get that beautiful art inked never failed to scare me. But my fascination with tattoos has always been much higher than the fear of pain to get one.

Nevertheless, being an Indian kid is not easy. I believe most of you can understand how hard it can be to convince your parents for you to get a tattoo. My case was also not different. From the beginning, I knew they would never agree. It was years ago, I guess, three-four years ago, when I first asked my mother whether I could have one or not. As expected, her answer was a clear “No.” I didn’t think it was a good time to argue. I was merely testing the water. I had no intention to get the tattoo at that time.

As the years went by, my fascination for tattoos only grew. During the year 2021, I once again asked my mother whether I could get myself tattooed. Her answer remained a clear No, and it was apparent she would not consider arguments. Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to be a rebel, go against them. I don’t know what the reason was, I just couldn’t.

Now came this year, 2022, and with 2022 came 2022 resolutions. Just like many other people, I also took some. And among those some resolutions, one was “Whatever happens, I will get a tattoo this year. Period.” I didn’t share this with anyone. You know that ‘what if I failed to live up to this resolution?’ feeling! What I didn’t plan on doing was getting a tattoo this early in 2022, just a few days into the year. I did not expect myself to complete this resolution, but I did. I am happy.

‘The story is not over yet, guys. In fact, an interesting part is yet to come. Keep reading.’

The day I got inked, it was just like any other regular morning. I had breakfast and just started scrolling Instagram for a little while. I stumbled upon this post of a girl getting a tattoo, reminding me of how badly I want to be that girl, and that was it. I decided, ‘I am getting a tattoo today without wasting another day, another moment.’ I searched for tattoo artists near me on google, found one and texted my best friend, “I want to have a tattoo, come with me.” Additionally, I sent a screenshot of the artist’s profile I planned on visiting.

You know, what was her first reply?

The message read, “Go to the doctor; you need treatment.”

Dramatic much, right?

However, the exciting part was, she already knew that artist; then bingo, my inner voice was like, ‘This is a sign, Surbhi. Just go for it.’ Although the very next moment, my inner voice was like, ‘Wait, what are we going to do about the permission for getting a tattoo?’

I choose not to listen to that voice, not to think about getting permission. As for the aftermath, I wasn’t thinking about it. I just thought about one thing at that time, which is ‘I want to have a tattoo.’

So yes, you are thinking correctly. I went without informing my parents I am going to get inked.

It’s hard to explain in words how excited and a little anxious I was feeling whilst sitting there, getting my first tattoo. Out of all the emotions I was experiencing, the one that outshined was the experience of me living the moment I always wanted to live. And when I saw the completed tattoo inked on my wrist, it gave me a different type of happiness. I was content. Not because I fulfilled one of my resolutions, but because I allowed myself to do what I wanted to do.

‘Are you curious about how my parents reacted when they saw my tattoo?’ It went much better than expected. Here it is,

My father just laughed and asked if it hurt too much whereas my mother reacted a little, although her expressions said that she didn’t dislike it. In fact, her attempt to hide her smile said she quite liked it. Yeah, she did say, “No more tattoos other than this one now.” Little did she know that I had already decided which tattoo I would get next!

What can you take away with you from this story?

  • Sometimes, you have to give yourself permission to do what you want to do, regardless of anyone else’s approval.
  • Never let that moment go when you are highly self-motivated to do what you want to do. That moment might not come again ever. Grab it when you can.
  • As long as you tightly hold onto the thing you want, you can get it. It might take time, sometimes years.

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So, did you enjoyed this short story?

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