Surbhi Agarwal, Rajasthan

Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

I’m Surbhi Agarwal from Rajasthan, India. I’m a Content and Creative Writer, Storyteller and a Podcaster.

Living in the world of stories I create through the experiences and lessons I learn from the real world’s reality

Trying to make an Impact by weaving words into beautiful stories; Stories that breathe in every character, word, sentence, paragraph; Stories that can make you see and feel things through different perspectives and not just one perspective; Stories in which you can find yourself by losing yourself in it; Stories which holds an entire life in it.

Here Writing Stories and also Talking about random things which I believe needs to be talked about, hoping these talks can make people live their life a little more peacefully and happily.

Doesn’t have any professional qualification in Writing but has a Passion for Writing along with the passion of Learning and converting those learning into Actions.

Writing and Making Podcast under the pen name “Random_hearttalks”

Feel free to reach out and connect.


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