I Wish I Could Tell Her by Ajay K Pandey: Book Review

I Wish I Could Tell Her Book Review. Review by Surbhi Agarwal. Ajay K Pandey Books

About the Book

Title: I Wish I Could Tell Her
Author: Ajay K Pandey
My Rating: 2.5/5
Pages: 216 Pages
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors        


Discrimination based on skin tone still exists in today’s modern world. And the book “I Wish I Could Tell Her by Ajay K Pandey” highlights this issue to their readers. It is Ajay K. Pandey’s second book that I have read. Previously, I read “You Are the Best Wife” and I enjoyed reading that. Not to mention, the review of that book was the first ever official book review I wrote. So yeah, I was looking forward to reading this book.

The story revolves around Vasu, a young boy who longs for a happily ever after but struggles to find his true identity.

Because of his dark skin tone, Vasu has always been made fun of. However, his sister, Kavya, was always there for him when he needed someone to support him during his rough phases. Kavya herself was the target of discrimination due to her dark skin tone, so she knew precisely what her brother went through.

Then, Radhika comes into Vasu’s life, whose beauty is indescribable. While she becomes the love of his life, Radhika still views Vasu as her best friend.

I Wish I Could Tell Her by Ajay K Pandey is a tale of friendship, sibling love, one-sided love and essentially, fighting the judgmental society to find your true identity, which is beyond the colour of one’s skin.

Why did I pick up this Book?

Of course, the plot of the book felt appealing to me. Discrimination based on skin tone is something that indeed needs to be talked about more. So yeah, I had to give “I Wish I Could Tell Her by Ajay K Pandey” a read.

What did I like about the Book?

  • The Concept of the novel is definitely what I appreciated most about. An effort to raise awareness about racial injustice.

  • Also, some very affectionate and adorable moments are portrayed in the book. Like – the sweet brother-sister moments between Kavya and Vasu or the pure showcase of friendship between Vasu and Radhika.

  • The language used is simple and easy to understand. 

What did I dislike about the Book?

  • While the concept of “I Wish I Could Tell Her” was engaging, I still failed to connect with the characters to the fullest. I can’t pinpoint a single explanation for this, but something was lacking.

  • I wish the book had been more focused on Kavya’s story. Honestly, there were moments when I felt that Kavya’s story ought to have been the book’s primary plot.

  • The ending felt a little rushed to me. It might be because I was expecting a little different ending to the book even though I already knew how the ending would be. (If you know what I mean!)

What did I learn and take away from this Book?

Reading this book taught me yet again how one’s appearance affects us –fair-skinned people might have some unfair privileges (whether they asked for it or not, irrespective of the fact that they are racist or not), while dark-skinned people get unfair struggles to live up to.

Once You Are Confident about yourself, no one could make you feel less.


To summarize, ‘I Wish I Could Tell Her by Ajay K Pandey’ was a good and fresh read for me as per the topic and concept of the book. Yet, the story as a whole failed to connect with me. In other words, the story didn’t speak to me as I expected it to do. Lastly, I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick yet impactful read or anyone who wishes to read a book on skin-based discrimination and how badly it can affect one’s life.

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