Reorganise – A Tiny Tale by Surbhi Agarwal

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“Sehi! Can you please clean up your room? It’s so messy in here,” My mother cringed at me.

“Yes! Yes! I’ll do it in a while.” I replied.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t keep my room messy all the time but there are days when I don’t like to do anything and leave everything as it is.

Scattered clothes on the chair; laptop cable, mobile charger, headphones, diaries, all were just making a big mess on the table. And me! Well, most of the days, I look like a beggar in my home; so, me looking like a homeless person was not something new.

Yeah! I’m an organized mess who can be completely unorganized some days.

Trying hard to not be lazy anymore, I got up from my chair and started organizing my table. Neatly placing my diaries on one side; putting a mobile charger in the drawer and putting headphones on the other side of the table, I made my way towards the chair where clothes were thrown away mercilessly. Folding them one by one, I made a stack of clothes and opened my almirah to place them in there.

For the next five minutes, I struggled to place that pile of clothes in one of the stacks of the almirah. In one of the shelf, I had divided that shelf into three sections, one for new clothes on the left-hand side; one for old in the middle and one for just those clothes which was the result of my bad shopping decision, in short, abandoned clothes which I wear rarely on the right-hand side.

The clothes I was arranging was old clothes and we all know the stack of old clothes are always high than the new ones and abandoned ones. So, when I put that pile of clothes in middle, they keep on falling either on the right-hand side clothes stack or left-hand side stack.

Sighing. Groaning. Frustratingly, I pulled out all three pile of clothes outside and put the stack of old stacks on the left-hand side; abandoned clothes in the middle and new clothes on the right-hand side. And that was done, now as the stack of old clothes is in the corner, they no longer fall on the other side as it is on the corner side and has the support of the side of the almirah.

Satisfied with myself, when I closed the almirah, it strikes me that aren’t we all do the same thing in life at one point of time. Even, I have done it back then, trying to fit in the place which is surely is not meant for us. There can be plenty of space for others to fit in but there is no place for you to fit in.

All you have to do is just pulled yourself out from that place and either try to create your own little world or try to fit in the place which is meant for you; place, where there will be plenty of space for you and you can actually be at peace in that place without having a fear to fall at any moment.

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