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Hidden behind that facade,
is the soul, struggling alone.
Calm on outside,
but a mess inside.
No, you can’t tell by looking at the face,
whether soul is depressed, anxious,
or suffering from a living hell.

Because depression doesn’t have a face always,
Because depression doesn’t have a voice always,
it is always hidden behind that facade of calmness,
struggling alone.

When heart wants to reach out for help,
but all mind wants is to play hide and seek,
and remain hidden in that maze.
But the only way to win over depression
is to reach out for help from others,
or else from yourself.

Let that facade fall, if not in front of all,
then in front of the people you adore.
Because seeking help is not a sign of weakness,
but a step towards your wellness.

© Random_hearttalks (Surbhi)

Photo by Vesky on Unsplash

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