Why must Duties and Rights go hand-in-hand?

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“Duties” and “Rights”

Two words which hold heavy meaning, correct? But they have entirely opposite emotions attached to them. When someone says these are your duties, our inner voice will be like ‘Nah!! Oh god, why me!’ However, in the case of our rights, we all go like ‘Oh yes, that’s my right!’

We, as normal humans, love to have rights but dread having duty. Duties feel like a burden whereas having only rights makes us feel free, actually too free that we start taking things for granted. We will discuss this in detail in the upcoming sections, so without any delay let’s jump right into it!

Why did I choose to write on this topic?

  • I picked up this topic to write about today because I have experienced and learnt in my own life how these two affect us and also the people around us.
  • So, here I am, sharing with you guys my perspective on this topic. Hopefully, you will take something to bring with you to try to apply in your life by the time you will finish reading this.

Why should Duties and Rights go hand-in-hand?

  • If we only burden someone with duties and responsibilities but don’t give them any rights to fulfill those responsibilities, then it’s most likely that there are going to be issues and conflicts.


Let’s take an example, to make it a little easier for you to understand.

  • Suppose, you assigned the same work to two different persons, let’s say, ‘A’ & ‘B.’
  • To ‘A,’ you gave the right to take certain decisions on their own and held him/her accountable for that. You also gave her/him freedom to add a certain level of creativity of their own to the work you assigned to them.
  • And to ‘B,’ you didn’t give any rights or freedom, you just gave a task to complete and expected he/she to follow your orders.
  • Now, who do you think will cooperate with you more? Who do you think will undertake the duty or task you assigned to them more efficiently?
  • ‘A,’ right!? Because of two reasons, the first reason being that you allowed ‘A’ to make certain decisions and when you held he/she accountable for those decisions, they will work more diligently. The second reason is, if you allow them to add their creative ideas to the work assigned, it will make them work more heartily as you are not telling them to do this or to do that only, you are taking into consideration their ideas too.

Hope this example must have made you understand it better.


Remember, if you are trusting them with duties and responsibilities then you should trust them with some rights too.

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